Christina (comtesse_de_lis) wrote in egl,

Legal, Artist-Friendly Lolita Stock Photos?

Lately I've been practicing doing digital manipulations in Photoshop, and I'd like to try one involving Lolita. I enjoy the challenge of "recreating reality" and would like to experiment with a transformation similar to this mermaid one, where the Lolita "believably" becomes a flower in a garden, or a doll in a dollhouse, etc. (It's hard to say what I'll end up doing until I have a photo to work with, as the lighting, content and angle of the photo really define for me what I can and can't do).

Unfortunately, finding stock images I can legally use is harder than it seems. (Photos in publications like the GLB or private albums on photo-sharing sites are not an option as I don't have permission to use them.) From what I've found on stock sites, either the clothing and look isn't quite the Lolita we know and love or the lighting/photography is lacking, etc. Some of these things I can correct if they're not too awful, but I'm picky and I'd like to work from a nicely done, true Lolita image if possible.

So my question is: Are you or do you know of anyone with good, large, well-lit photos who would be open to them being used as stock, either paid or free? I can remove the background, so plain backgrounds are not a requirement. (Also, while the ability to make prints of the final product would be appreciated, I'd be happy with only displaying it as a portfolio piece.)

Thank you for any help you can give, and thanks for reading!
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