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Fishies G0 Pook

I'd like to open up a discussion! We all know that Lolita and EGA go hand in hand. Now I know there are different styles of Lolita (I.E. Gothic, Sweet, Classic, Wa, etc.) and there are more and more styles being made all the time. Now here is what I was considering, what about different styles of Aristocrat? I recently happened upon the most beautiful light violet colored Victorian era dress. So my question/discussion is, could you or would you dabble into different genres of Aristocrat like you do with Lolita? Assuming you accessorize and decorate it appropriately. Such as Sweet Aristocrat? Classic Aristocrat? Wa-Aristocrat?

I don't have any photographs of myself wearing the dress I have yet, but two photos. I have no shoes or accessories for the dress yet. BUT! Some accessories I had ideas for was possibly a violet and white bonnet, or flower hair piece for my head if I wanted to go classic, and if I wanted to go deco or sweet, I'd add a ton of little bows and flowers all over my hair. For shoes I could do white Victorian era boots with buttons up the sides, or for sweet regular white lolita doll shoes. Regular white pearls for my neck and wrist and maybe some pearls for my hair or ankle. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

The Dress:

 Extra Photos:
Also on another comment, what do you think of the dress? I fits like a glove, billowing out from my waist, very form fitting arms, and a train that can be bustled in the back! ^_^
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