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Alice in Wonderland Festival Photos! Vancouver BC 7/12/09

Today wasn't terribly sunny but that made for an easier time wearing loli without swealtering :) This was the first time I went to the Alice in Wonderland Festival but it was lots of fun - actors playing out parts of the book and just a lot of people dressed up and having fun overall!

Anyhoo many many pics under the cut

Firstly we arrived around 2pm to meet up with some other lolis. So group pics first! We usually got stuck in places for a good 10 minutes or so as random people also wanted photos as well as the official photographers for the event

Of course a silly one too!

then surprisingly more lolis showed up! I guess they didn't see the meetup post but I recognized them from other events

One last group pic on the catepillar's mushroom (and some grabbing the pipe too)

One other lolita we randomly crossed by as well

We didn't find the Cheshire Cat right away, but we did come across his foating smile!

Later we met with the Mad Hatter!

Dav standing under the castle prop for the procession!

With the red Queen and King cards oh and the Walrus behind!

And perhaps we got into the tea a little early lol

Well perhaps I did at least lol

An Alice and Rabbit we ran into as well

We did find Queen Victoria, the White Rabbit, a flamingo and the catepillar again later

One of the other lolita Alice's also had some teacup fun

Of course there was games of croquet to be had complete with flamingos!

Anyhoo there were plenty of people dressed up as well

Lewis Caroll dressup!

The catepillar was quite cool

The official Alice and Cheshire Cat

All in all much fun was had. Watching the kids being involved in the queen's croquet games and the actors playing out parts of the book was really worth the time we spent there. More random photos can be found here Password to access is ilu123 (I'll remove this later as not to tank my photobucket usage lol)

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