Aimee (aimee_evilpixie) wrote in egl,

Washington Lolita Lucky Pack Group Order Meetup!

I organized a Lucky Pack Group Order for some of us here in Washington, and today we had a potluck tea party and swap meet to receive and trade our Lucky Pack contents!

Chris and I had to do tea, of course, so we set out part of our collection of tea cups and pots.

We ended up with a pretty delicious potluck spread, as well.

sekushi_chan was the next one to show up after pinq_couture did, and is looking lovely in Baby.

My friend Dani was the next to arrive. She doesn't usually dress lolita, but she wanted cute Meta clothes. She's borrowing some of my wardrobe, and looks adorable and should JOIN USSSSS.

Also, it was time for food! Chris pours tea for strawberry_yura like the professional he is.

Me, sekushi_chan and katala all dig in.

I am far too interested in my food to notice the camera.

encagnito and my friend Yuki all arrived as well.

But let's be real. This was why we were all here.

Dani was pretty excited to open hers.

strawberry_yura dug right in as well. Some people requested their packs be opened earlier and photos sent of the contents, so not all of this was a surprise.

I got two skirts and two pairs of the same black socks!

Dani and katala wanted to trade skirts, so I helped Dani try on the cream chiffon number.

Between swapping our old clothes and the new Lucky Packs, some people ended up with quite a haul.

This was ping_couture's pile.

We took some photos with what we ended up with after swapping. Here's me!

strawberry_yura had to fight her way out from under a pile of stuff first.

But here's what she left with that was new.

katala! And also my cat in the background.

encagnito! Who is very photogenic, I have to say.

Dani! (Wear lolita moar, damn it.)

And sekushi_chan!

pinq_couture took a picture of her haul and her feet.

Then we went outside for some good group and outfit shots.

Chris turned out to be a pretty popular guy.

The we got some outfit shots. I just finished sewing the skirt yesterday!

katala looking quite lovely.

strawberry_yura, living up to her username today!

Dani is looking great and reminding me that I really need to get a haircut. And re-dye my hair.

sekushi_chan. I love her little birdcage necklace.

encagnito in steampunk, and looking enigmatic...

My dashing Chris.

And then Chris grabbed the photo of our photographer, pinq_couture!

And YanYan says, thanks for reading!

You can see the entire photoset here. I didn't post quite all of them. Thanks so much for taking the pictures, pinq_couture! And thanks for coming, everyone! It was a LOT of fun!
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