angelicnoir (angelicnoir) wrote in egl,

Finding a simple black vest?

My apologies for posting yet another question (I certainly don't mean to spam the community with request posts), but I had such helpful suggestions and success with my last entry, that I'm pretty confident I'll find the information I need by asking here again.

I'm looking to purchase a simple black vest.  Perhaps double breasted or with a unique collar to give it that twist, but I'm mainly just trying to find something simplistic.  I'm thinking that the more simplistic, the easier it is to match in a variety of outfits.

The problem is, it's for someone who's measurements are beyond petite.  She has a small bust and a small waist (I don't know her exact measurements) to the point where a Forever 21 / H&M / etc size small is too big and baggy for her.  And their size "extra smalls" are rare, to say the least.

Can anyone direct me to stores online (that ship in the US) or offline (preferably in the LA, California area) that may carry a simple loli-able vest that fits an extra extra small?

Also: Pictures of outfits that feature a black vest would be particularly helpful for future reference.

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