Kyat (etched) wrote in egl,

Lolitas, Weeaboos, Scene kids, Emos...

Time for another discussion post~

This has been another issue that plagues me when I think about lolita and the "culture" westerners have formed through the fashion. I often hear stories about girls complaining about other fashion-formed groups, and it makes me wonder "What makes lolita so special?, What makes lolita above other fashions?"

Sure you may not find the whole scene or emo crowd to be to your liking, but what gives you the "higher status" in order to put these fashions down? Face it girls, lolita is an extremely silly fashion. Dare i say, even sillier than or just as silly as the other fashions that are bagged on quite a lot. I know many of you will be quick to jump on the "But lolita is elegant, it is beautiful, it is etcetc" train. Now after you disembark that train, hop on the hypocrite train!

What ever happened to fashion being fun? Yes I know these dresses and shoes and bows lolitas buy are crazy ass expensive and in some way shape or form you want to display them in a good light, but remember, they are just clothes.

And for that matter, what in the world is up with the sudden surge of hate for "weeaboos"? (Personally, I just hate any dumb term that comes out of 4chan.. but moving on..) It seems silly to me to hate on people who enjoy anime or manga or whatever. The brands that people so revere are *japanese*, remember? You know that guy Mana? Underneath all that make up and frill, he is a japanese man.

Lately the community(ies) have been buzzing with lots of hate for specific groups. Whats the deal?
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