artemiscangee (artemiscangee) wrote in egl,

August 4th Tokyo lolita meet- new plan!

Well unfortunately the Alice in Wonderland restaurant requires a Japanese phone number and address to make reservations neither of which I have, so we are going to fall back on plan B which is meet at a central location and then go from there. There was a delicious waffle place last time I was there as well as a mildly expensive tea shop that I remember or we could go somewhere that someone else knows of, the most important thing is that we get to meet!

I thought a really good place to meet that would be visible would be the McDonalds in Harajuku the one that is along the crowded main street. It has a sort of porch/balcony thing that those of us who were waiting could spot others and others could spot us. It's very hard to miss! We do not necessarily have to stay in Harajuku even though we are meeting there! Recent Picture of Both of Us so you can find us.

Where: McDonalds Harajuku
When: Tuesday Aug 4th 12:30 p.m.
What: Open to suggestions!

People who are coming:
1. artemiscangee +1
2. xonii18
3. kagitsune
4. on_a_motorbike +1
5. harlekini +1?

Thank you all for bearing with me as I make all these changes!

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