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It's been an incredible run of conventions for us at One Day in Paradise.

Incredibly fun. Incredibly tiring. Incredibly heart-warming. Incredibly heart-aching. Incredibly inspiring.

We could totally run for the Incredibles award.

In the past few months we've gone to Supanova Melbourne, Supanova Brisbane, Supanova Sydney and Supanova Perth.
Dragging our little store of lolita goodies with us. Read on under the cut for a (mostly) pictorial tour of our journey across Australia!

Supanova Melbourne

This was our very first booth setup!
It took us a whole 10 hours of work, between moving the fittings from the shop to actually setting it up at the showgrounds.
We hated the blue walls we were given, so we made them pink. You could spot us from a mile away!

Some of the jewellery and accessories that were for sale at Supanova Melbourne.

Our shoes display.

Happy lolitas at our booth!

Supanova Brisbane

No booth setup photos here. The ones that I took turned out bad. =( Instead have some photos of our customers and cosplayers that came by.

She was one of our customers at Supanova Melbourne, and was entranced by the pretty dresses that we had.
She dragged her mummy in, and insisted on getting one of our dresses. Our smallest was size 6 unfortunately.
While it's swimming on her now, she will definitely grow into it.
Meanwhile, doesn't she just look adorable?

My sister and mariko_senpai together with Captain Jack.
He even walked like drunken Captain Jack! He was awesome.

Another happy customer with mariko_senpai
She was the sweetest. She emailed us later on saying that she had met up with the Brisbane lolitas at Supanova, and now has the courage to wear lolita in public.
Little missy, if you are watching this community, I applaud you!

mariko_senpai and night_child80
night_child80 along with her husband helped us setup, take care of the booth, and even helped pack up after we were all done.
What would we do without helpful lolitas in different parts of the country helping us along? ;0;

Other Brisbane Supanova photos available here

Supanova Sydney

Fast forward two months, we are now in Sydney for Supanova Sydney! Booth setup, and this time we even had a photography section.
For those who have always wanted to try but hesitate to invest the money in the clothes, we offered the chance to dress up in Lolita clothing and have their photograph taken.
Quite a few customers were turned instant-converts this manner, many walking out with bags of clothing, so we should see a lot more lolitas around Sydney now!

I just had to show you guys the photo of the Pedobear spy. He's secretly our official photographer at Sydney Supanova.

hehalana and mariko_senpai

Some of the jewellery available for sale at Supanova Sydney.

Unforunately because I was so busy with helping customers most time, I didn't have the chance to take many photos.
Sorry Sydney!
But whatever little I do have can be found here

Supanova Perth

This was the best Supanova! I know I shouldn't play favourites, but I had the most fun here!
I love you Perth lolitas!

Unfortunately the best Supanova (imo) also had the worst lighting in terms of building lighting.
The windows were small and the light was horrible, so I didn't manage to get any nice booth setup photos. =(

Have one of mariko_senpai and myself instead.

This girl was incredibly adorable. T_T


My favourite photo from all the Supanovas! She came into the booth not really wanting anything, but walked out with a full outfit, socks and shoes included.
She looked absolutely darling and so incredibly happy that I was reminded all over again why I love this fashion so much.

skwerlie, skyewishes and imuin

More photos can be seen here

All in all, it was an amazing experience. mariko_senpai and myself cannot be more appreciative for all the support and welcome all the lolitas across the country have shown us. People were incredibly friendly and helpful, and we got to know so many different lolitas!

And right as we were wrapping up in Perth: tired, grumpy and all that jazz - we looked around us, and realised why we do this.

Because this fashion makes us happy. It also makes other people happy. The number of people who stood and gaze on our booth with a smile, and the number of people who came up to us, and sincerely wanted to know what this fashion was all about, the number of girls who gushed and said that they truly felt feminine and happy after trying on our clothes - it makes all this running about the country (with not much sleep and having to deal with airline issues ) all so incredibly worth it.

So to the Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth lolitas. We thank you. We hope you have enjoyed our little running-about store as much as we have enjoyed meeting you guys.

And to the Adelaide lolita community, we are heading your way next! See you at Avcon!

Photo credits:

Kris from
Thomas from
Priscilla from Perth
Ian Brock from Sydney
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