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Calling for Models for Lolita Fashion Show

Hey ladies (and gentlemen),

We’re looking for volunteers to model your lovely faces and lovely outfits in the General Attendee Lolita Fashion Show for Innocente Seraphim (August 8-9, 2009). Please give it a look-see; full details under the cut!

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When: Sunday August 9, 2009 12 noon – 1pm

Where: Bellevue Westin Hotel, Bellevue WA, USA

What: A fashion show highlighting the various styles found in Lolita fashion, focussing on displaying and educating those interested in Lolita. Models needed for well known styles like, sweet, classic, gothic, kuro/shiro, aristocrat, kodona as well as niche styles like pirate, steampunk, decora, country, etc.

Who: Your fabulous self dressed in one or more of your own outfits. (Unfortunately, hair and make up will NOT be provided.)

How: Please fill out the form accessible from this link: with as much detail as possible, and submit it ASAP to , subject line: InnoSera General Lolita Fashion Show.

Additional Details: Communication will be done via email for the most part until the con starts, so please don’t forget to enter your contact information. There will be two rehearsals, one on Saturday night and one dress rehearsal on Sunday before the show.

IMPORTANT: A fashion show cannot happen without the models, so please be absolutely certain you can attend both the rehearsals as well as the fashion show!

Thank you!


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