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A Loli Mentor Community?

Hello egl community :D

I'll try not to make a wall of text ;;-_-

Recently there has been an influx of posts on this community that concern questions that could be answered with a little bit of personal research or a simple check of the memories. With a bit of discussion between me and some other community members the idea of an 'adopt-a-newbie' sort of program came about. I would think that having some of the lolitas that are more secure in the fashion helping those who have only had their personal guidance and still feel iffy about the lolita world could possibly in the long run cut down on things like:

- repetitive question posts in the comm
- negative attention towards members and the communies (bashing and the like)
- scams

...And hopefully help create a stronger community.

The general opinion is that the program should be another community where loli mentors could post simple profiles that 'newbs' and other lolis who just want a little guidance could pick from. There are a few concerns that I had about the idea though:

- There would have to be some screening process to weed out those who are seriously applying to be a mentor, and those who just want to kink up the system, or those who are actually less informed or able than would be expected from a mentor. My worry is that this 'screening process' might offend people who do believe that they are mentor material but don't get accepted. I don't want anyone thinking that certain lolis are better than others, that'd just cause disharmony in the community. There was the idea of a quiz that possible mentors would have to take (but this is the internet, where all answers can be found with a bit of research).

- Would there be any newbs that would be interested in taking a mentor? I think that there would be, but the community would have to have the support of the other loli communities so that the newbs could be directed/suggested to it.

The idea seemed to gather a nice bit of support, but I figured asking the main community might yeild a more accurate level of interest.

So what do you think egl?

Thanks for your time :D

Awesome comments lolis, it seems this community may soon come to be!
That being said...

Are there any lolitas that have the time to help moderate the community? It's a job that would consist mainly of reading through applications (however we decide to have them done) as well as general moderation. 

Popular Questions and Possible Solutions:

How do you plan on preventing a 'n00b teaching n00b' situation?
By giving each aspiring mentor an application which would include questions concerning their people skills, amount of time available, their experience with Lolita. Mentor's will be prompted to include a photo(s) as well as any recommendations they might have received. Of course, no process is perfect, some 'n00bs' might slink through as a mentor, but by having newbies give intermittent reviews of their mentors, as well as general Moderation, this can be cut down and hopefully avoided.

How do you plan to diversify the available mentors?
In the application there will be a section where possible mentors can express what unique attributes they can bring to the community. Different races, body sizes, religions, levels of craftiness...all sorts of things. However, the main concern will still remain in selecting mentors who are both knowledgeable about Lolita fashion and those who can interact well with others.

How is this going to be set up anyways?
The set up I see is that each mentor would post their profile in the main community with the appropriate tags. Then the mentors could use the search function to narrow their search, or they could scroll through of course, and once they found someone they were interested in, they could reply to their selected mentor's post with a little information about themselves (perhaps a picture) and then the mentor would select a newbie.

Again my main concern at the moment is the screening process. The question have to be able to yield the proper information. As well, depending on the amount of applications, a fair amount of Moderators would be needed so that life can still go on off of the Internet. :3
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