Amanda L. (teddykana) wrote in egl,
Amanda L.

Skirt Recon Suggestions?

I bought a red plaid skirt at the mall the other day since it looked like it looked loliable and was only $7.50 (for you Vancouver lolis, I bought it from Mariposa in Metrotown).

The waistband is completely shirred (I think it was meant to be a short highwaisted skirt. But if I wear it like most skirts, it reaches my knees.) It's lined, but it has netting/tulle at the bottom. Should I removed the netting? Do you guys have any tutorials or suggestions (photos please!) for reconstruction/decorating it?

Also, how do I sew lace on it without accidentally sewing the two sides of the skirt together (I'm pretty new to sewing). Thanks!

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