angelicnoir (angelicnoir) wrote in egl,

Shopping / bidding service suggestion?

So within the past year, I have made a few purchases on Yahoo Japan Auctions through Crescent Shop.  Well, I just recently noticed that if another user is bidding using Crescent Shop, then you cannot bid on that same item.  Essentially, "saving" the item for that customer.  It's bothersome because I would have liked to try my hand at winning that item.  :(

Well, my question is: can anyone recommend another Japanese shopping or bidding service (with a quick response / turnaround) to use in this type of situation

I've done a bit of research prior to this post.  But I'd definitely like some suggestions and recommendations to keep me updated.  This is something I feel I should know so I don't have the same problem in the future.  Please don't recommend Celga since I've heard about / seen poor performance on their end over the course of many years and as a result, I don't really want to risk trying them out.  Thanks in advance!

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