akutan (akutan) wrote in egl,

In Nashville for FCCLA competition

I'm sorry that I'm not introducing myself first but this has been nagging at me for a while and I finally decided to post about it.


I am in the FCCLA at my high school and I participated in the Fashion Construction part of the state competition by designing and making a Sailor Lolita outfit.
I made a slightly mediocre petticoat, an underskirt, the dress itself, and the headbow.
I won a gold medal and the chance to go to Nashville, Tennessee to participate in the Nationals.
I'm... going there tomorrow. 
After frothing at the mouth and panicking... I just want to ask if there are Lolitas there.
I can't wear the dress because even if it is sailor, I made it in the wintertime and so I made it in all black and it was my first project and my first time sewing so it is the only Lolita outfit I have but I've never met another Lolita before...
I am a lonely beginner. 
It'd be nice to meet some!  
 Edit: I don't have a camera. I'll post some pictures from my advisor's camera once I meet with her again.
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