Ari Onigiri (saint_bitch25) wrote in egl,
Ari Onigiri

Questions about the new Bodyline shoes & the heart buckle ones

Hey there!

I'm so sorry if this has been posted before, but I have some important questions...

At first the sizing questions:
I've heard that the heart buckle replicas often run smaller & the sizing chart isn't that correct at all.
I always have a size 38 (japanese 24) but I need the heart buckles in white & as yor can see on their website size 24 isn't available anymore
Link ->
So I have a question to all the girls owning the heart buckles:
Do you think a 24,5 would fit a regular size 24, too?
I sadly don't own any Bodyline shoes yet & I don't want to waste my money to shoes which doesnt fit properly =/

My second heart buckle question is:
Are the white ones REALLY snow white?
It may be because of my screen but they look pretty off white to me

Well, I'm not finished xD" (SORRY FOR SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!)

I'd like to order a pair of bodylines newest shoes.
Link here ->
Trough I'm a little confused...are they really white? It may be again my bad screen but they look kinda off white, too.
The confusing thing is, they do have the same model in off white but if I look at them they look more like real white to me.
The questions may sound a 'lil weird but I'm going to to my first shiro coordinate so I really need WHITE shoes ;)

I would be so glad if someone who already own these shoes could tell me about the real colors (Pictures would be great,too <3) of it & even about their size.
Do they run smaller? bigger?

Sorry again for all these questions (& for my bad English...I'm not a native speaker) & a BIG BIIIG thanks in advance <3

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