Hime (mrs_gackt_camui) wrote in egl,

Help for finding my GF a good JSK

Hi there everyone,

I am trying to help my girlfriend out, in finding, and buying her first JSK.

The problem is she has a budget, of around $60 or so. Being realistic, we know that for $60, so wont get too much, because as we all know, Lolita is an expensive endeavor. I told her that her best route would be a Bodyline piece, and she agrees. But before we went just settling, thinking that she wont get anything else, we wanted to get some opinions on what she could possibly get for that budget.

What do you think she could get reasonably get, outside of Bodyline, if anything at all? Brand or Off-brand, as it doesn't matter which. Do you think it is at all possible to get a JSK, outside of bodyline, for $60?

EDIT: I really should have mentioned this the fist time, so please forgive me. Her style is Classic and EGL. We don't care too much ourselves for the sweet style, and she is looking for something black and simple, if that helps at all with finding something that may be reasonable. Will probably also help with the price limit. -laughs-

Thanks in advance!


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