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San Francisco Baby store tea party?

I don't know if anyone is actually interested in any of this or if it's been posted before (I didn't find it). I just thought I would share what I know.

At the opening of New People, there will be two days of awesomeness! I e-mailed them... and they got back to me. There may even be a Baby Tea Party! Evidence of this!

My e-mail to them:

"I was wondering if there's a list of events that are happening on the opening day of New People. Specifically the Btssb store and BPN store. There were rumors of the Baby store having a tea party the next day. Is there any truth to this?"

Their reply:

"All this is true.
Events will be announced on www.NewPeopleWorld.com as we make them public.
But if you were wondering if you should plan your trip to SF, then yes.
We will have BPN and BTSSB events will be on opening day and the next day!"


Does anyone know how to get into one of these tea parties? Or even how they work...

Tell me what you know!

And mods... if I'm the only one who finds this of interest... you (or I) can delete it.
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