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English Charm review

I ordered this skirt from English Charm.

Rusched skirt

Communication: 5/5

I made my first inquiries about shipping earlier last month, and I always received a prompt reply within a day. J was very helpful and even listed all my shipping options before I committed to purchase!

Shipping: 5/5
I paid via paypal on June 30th, skirt arrived on July 7th. Very fast shipping for priority mail from the US to Japan!

My friend who was visiting had signed for the skirt while I was at work, so I came home to a nice surprise. I thought the lace wrapping paper was cute. :)

Beneath the wrapping, there's a note of some sort?

No, it's a free headdress! :D

Quality: 5/5

Close-up of the fabric. It's a neat waffle texture. The bow is removable, and there are 4 removable bows total.

What I love most about the skirt is the rusching--it has 4 panels adjustable with black ribbons underneath the skirt, making it extremely versatile! It's a great fit, and can accommodate my lighter petticoats as well as my X BOX HUGE h.naoto ones, too!

Laid out flat

Here's a quick photo of me wearing it with two panels up.

I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! Highly recommended, especially if you're a plus-sized lolita! :D The only qualm I had was that the skirt arrived a little wrinkled--to be expected when shipping across the Pacific.
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