Jaja (jajaneko) wrote in egl,

Budget lolita is budget

I know most of you here are into branded. If only I could spend most of my money on lolita but I've been working on my short film thesis for half a year already and that's where most of my budget goes. *stabs self* Dx

Good thing local thrift shops keeps the loli in me. I want to share with you some of my lolita finds..err.. I mean.. STEAL~ Please don't hate me for the price. XDD


I got this dress for 50php (1USD). The boots for 300php (6.3USD)

Me with my friends.
The shoes I got for 100PHP(2 USD). It's Montreal. The outfit are mix and matched clothes. I only got an hour to prepare this outfit before I went out of the house. T_T

Closer view. Errr...I seriously don't know what we are doing here. XD

I am sooo loving my hat here. It had lotsa pretty flowers around it. The top I got for 20PHP(0.4USD). It has a cute sailor type collar.
The skirt I got for 100php(2 USD). Has pretty tiered pink laces at the back. The hat I got also for 20PHP(0.4 USD)

Another look.

And the dress from the Lord and Lady shoot I posted before. Got it for 100PHP(2 USD). I just added some bows in front. :D
The shoes I got for 100PHP(2 USD) too. 8D

My punk lolita skirt for 60PHP(1.3 USD). Kinda reminds me of H.Naoto.

I have not worn this one yet. It's a Spider dress I got for 150PHP(3 USD). Spider is from Hongkong if I'm not mistaken.

HK Novala edition. Got it for 50PHP(1 USD)

Well I guess that's all for now. I still have lots of stuff here but I feel lazy to take pictures of all of them. X3

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