The Captain (twinenigma) wrote in egl,
The Captain


I was poking around the local fabric stores and I spotted some patterns that might be useful in the catalogs.

Butterick B4792 - Jacket, dress and belt
Butterick B5314 - Jacket, dress and belt

Other patterns of note:
Vogue 2902 and Vogue 2961

I'm considering making the first Butterick one, using a dark brown or black and using off-white or dark cream (if I go with brown) for a Peter-Pan collared blouse to go under it. Since this is my first Lolita sewing project, I'm not going to go crazy-wild with patterned fabric and will stick to a more classic look. I may add contrasting trim to the bottom edge and will definitely be making a petticoat to go under it.

Any suggestions on modifying these patterns to be a little more "correct" would be really helpful.

EDIT: I'm actually considering the Vogue 2961 pattern instead. Thanks for the input!

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