cheri_claire (cheri_claire) wrote in egl,

Bodyline shoe sizing

Did anyone else notice, that Bodyline changed their sizing???

I ordered a few shoes from the new update, the ones with the ribbons and a pair of restocked Heart Buckle Replicas.
I already have 3 pairs at home, one of them with the high heels. And I always ordered size 26, in which I have room for my 26cm feet with socks.

This time I ordered size 26 again, and besides of having really short straps, the shoes are too short for me too. Even the new heart buckles. I touch the end of the shoe in each pair. And in the heels it's quite uncomfy.
I'm really pissed, because I ordered 3 pairs at once that don't fit me right. I think it could be okay for the heart buckles, because they are flat. But they aren't as wide as before too. No problem for me, but maybe for those with wider feet :/
Bodyline seemed to have totally changed the sizing!
Bad for me, because a size 26.5 does not exist for the new shoes >____>  But the size 26 shoes are not longer than 26cm anymore.
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