Alicen Wonderland (doona_chick) wrote in egl,
Alicen Wonderland

Lolita High Tea Exhibition

Back in May, I was asked to exhibit my Lolita photography at a (goth) club called the Attic, in Adelaide.
I thought I would share with you the images that were on exhibit!

Lolita High Tea Exhibition

If you go out in the woods today....

Essence of Mana

Tea for me, None for you

Don't call me Emo, B*tch

Oh Noes!!


Aristocrate gothique elegant

Styles are from Punk lolita to EGA 

A big thank you to the girls who were my models :D you are just win.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy these images!

I have more stuff over at my deviantART account with more images from Lolita to Ball Joint Dolls!

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