Christina (comtesse_de_lis) wrote in egl,

NYC Gothic Theme Meet - Snaps

On June 27th over 20 of us got together for our Gothic theme meet at the Cloisters museum in Manhattan. As I've mentioned to some, it was my last meet-up here in NYC and I had a great time at it. It was wonderful seeing all of you and the great looks you put together, getting to hang out with friends and meeting new folks too, especially in such a lush, beautiful setting.

After the meet itself, we headed back outside and stratamander got some casual snaps out in the park area surrounding the museum.

(Before we get started, if I've either forgotten to refund your money if you arrived late and paid for yourself, or if you owe me because I spotted you lunch afterwards, please let me know as it might have slipped past me. Please also let me know if I mixed anyone's names up, as I'm terrible with matching faces to names. Thank you!)

And now we begin with the Cloisters! It's a museum assembled from several different European monasteries brought over brick by brick and featuring tons of medieval artifacts, a lot of which are actually out where you can get close to them.

Did you know monasteries had bus stops?

a_dropofcolour snaps pretty marthaness before her quest into Narnia.

moussechocolat, who is all kinds of awesome.

legsdiamond, looking good with her own T-Rex design! (She also sells her own dino-print Lolita skirts. :) )

curly_b, who has magical hair powers and is in Blasphemina's Closet.

chouseki and guest, possibly the cutest couple on the planet.

The fun and sweet duo of 21stcherryboy and her friend milkteamilk.

The elegant yet amused communistmuffin!

aeonispi rocks boystyle. :D

The funny and laidback mr_cutiepants, who I plan on starting a secret Goth society with! If you like her raven skirt, it turns out she's selling that design and I can say it was really pretty in person. :)

lolita_eva looking ridiculously pretty.

bakaneko47 makes it look easy.

I thought corrosivematter's deep red was a gorgeous take on creating a darker look.

The regal arsenicold_lace, also in Blasphemina's Closet and Scoundrelle's Keep.

kuro_rori_ta does Gothic quite well!

darcia26 looking beautiful as always.

bentoneko's outfit was a great balance of light and dark and suited her really well, I thought.

The following girls I have to apologize to as your full-shot photos didn't turn out well. If you'd like them anyway, just pm me. Sorry about that!

noodleynaddles, another fun Lolita I wish I'd met sooner!

dixmacabre looked classically Gothic.

a_dropofcolour also possesses magical hair powers.

chiakuma smiles but is secretly planning to take over the world.

And finally, me in the h. Naoto dress I wore to my very first meet-up in NYC (my apologies for skipping the blouse in the heat). I'm going to go with the idea that my blinding paleness is a sign of my true Gothness and not a sign I'm too lazy to get any sun. ^^;

How about some group shots?

We had so many girls we broke everyone down into rows by height and went from there.

Last shot! We were waving to a professor of one of the girls who happened to visit the museum the same day.

And that's all! Have a great summer, and thank you again to everyone from both stratamander and I for two years of fun Lolita times in New York. :D

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