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Innocent World LP B!

So I was worrying myself sick over what I might get in my LP -- I was just praying for some basics that I could use in my wardrobe since I'm fairly new to the scene.

...AND I AM SO HAPPY! I was preparing to accept that I'd probably have to sell a few things, but I love absolutely everything I got! Everything is neutral-themed.

Socks & Accessories! I LOVE the necklace to pieces! The middle part spins around, so one side it's Alice, and on the other side it's the White Rabbit! I'm thankful I didn't get any headdresses, lol. Also, first brand socks, woo! And they have pretty little rose designs on them, very subtle-looking.

I couldn't adjust the levels properly to get the accurate color of the knit, but basically it's a light creme color, just like the socks.

I AM SO HAPPY I got a bolero! I was wanting one since my workplace gets ARCTIC (I guess libraries need super-crazy a/c to preserve the books? :S), and this should definitely match most of my other dresses!

A blouse w/ detachable sleeves! I'd always thought they sounded so weird, but once I got to try it on and feel it out, I love it! I always wondered how you attached/detached them, lol. Now I know. >.>

My fave thing, of course! I was hoping for a JSK the most! It's difficult to tell, but it's a very dark, rich brown color. My mom was freaking out over the lining and stitching and all the lace -- it really is amazing to look at. *_* I can't believe I got this style of JSK, too! I'm very grateful.

And then...
IT FITS! Lol, I was so afraid everything would fit terribly, but it worked out *great*! Everything fit like a glove, it felt like it was all made for me!

I did some rough calculations, and am pretty sure this LP amounts to at least $650, which completely freaks me out. IW LP's are DEFINITELY amazing deals! I will *definitely* get the next one! I have been made a believer. :S

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