arsenicold_lace (arsenicold_lace) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Lucky Pack B Summer 2009

Photos of my Innocent World Lucky Pack B Summer 2009

1) Brown and cream chiffon OP (yeah it is high waisted so my being tall is not a fit issue)
1) White lace trim blouse with detachable sleeves and back tie
1) White open work knitted bolero
1) Cream cutsew with crochet floral trim
1) Cream watermark rose socks
1) Music note clip on earrings
1) Poodle and mint rose ring
1) Poodle and mint rose hair clip
I already got a black and cream JSK in my Meta LP, so I was really happy to see a brown and cream OP (and not black and cream)
The cutsew will coordinate with lots of things, including my Meta LP Candy House skirt. And the jewelry from IW will also work with that skirt.
I'm also glad that I got different types of items in my IW and Meta LP, so between the two, ended up with a good mix of tops, bottoms and JSK and OP.
Overall I'm really happy with my IW LP.  I would have been a bit happier if I had gotten a headband to match the OP and socks that were less basic, but I don't feel anything was a dud.
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