refried papermache (tsu_) wrote in egl,
refried papermache

IW lucky pack B + Meta strawberry cream

So today I recieved both packages from Meta/IW, and the courier was like: 'is it your birthday?' LOL

....actually my birthday is in the beginning of the year, but onwards with photos!

blouse - beautiful, and very very frilly. Sleeves are detachable as well~ probably trade/sell it off for a black one though. I already have 4 white blouses @_@;;;;;;;

OP - OMG I'M SO HAPPY! NO KITTIES! *_*!! I was so scared I'll get the demonic kitties/woodland critters, but this is gorgeous~ the roses and butterflies are all appliques, and the style is so lovely and classic. Unfortunately I was hoping for a OP in black - so I might end up trading it for a non-print item ^^;;; I really need more plain work-clothes kinda stuff, not something so sweet unfortunately.

bolero - :D so cute and comfortable~ the corsage is detachable as well<3 it matches with the OP I think (same series?)

knit - <333333333333333 *_____________* I'm really happy to get this<3 I've been trying to find a basic cutsew/item since forever, and even better it matches the okashi no kuni SK! (which is great, because I've been trying to find something that will match it. Even AP's normal pink items don't match it! The pink is such a strange shade!) I love the crochet/pearl detail as well, so cute!!!<33333

accessories: white hairband, alice rabbit ring, poodle hairclip, matching socks

I'll probably keep the hairband and sell everything else. I'm allergic to metal and I really don't need more socks (lol)

bolero+OP worn~ (I just woke up, so please ignore my face ^^;;;;)

bust detail; it fits really nicely!


Overall, I'm really happy with the fukubukuro - it's such a great deal! I probably won't be keeping the OP, blouse + accessories though. I really wanted a black blouse, and dusty pink isn't my colour.....hopefully someone will have a black OP/JSK they're willing to trade later ^^;;;;

and bonus;

Strawberry cream skirt<333333 Possibly the best buy I had in ages; the material feels really gorgeous (some kind of cotton mix that feels very smooth) and I love the green!! Oddly enough, the pink is the same shade as AP's parka..........which doesn't match the okashi skirt (lol) I wish they'll just settle for one standard shade of pink really. The lace is actually tulle lace, not raschel~ it's a really wonderful skirt (and super cheap too!)

Dot-ribbon cardigan~ got it during the sale<3 it's really pretty and both edges are lined with gosgrain ribbon. I kinda wish I bought the black one as well now, it's very cute and comfortable<3 plus, it goes with so many things! :D
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