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Help - Guro Lolita Blood

I'm planning to go to an anime convention around November-December, and I've decided to be a gurololi (my mother doesn't like the style very much, but I can imagine why ! XD!). The dress isn't a problem, but it's the blood.

What kind of paint or dye would you use to make it look effective and realistic? I saw a guide on using acrylic paint and water, (can't find it anymore >_o;; )but I wondered if it could wash off, and if there's any other choices. I don't want the dress to wrinkle or become TOO stiff, and I just wondered about paint fumes and if i could put it on a mask (I have a surgical mask to cover my mouth and nose). And would the blood mixture you recommend have a nice splatter effect? Have you ever previously used a mixture and it worked out fine for you? Do the certain type of fabrics affect the mixture? (Sorry for all the questions ;3;)
What do you guys recommend?
Or, do you guys have any helpful guides you have found or followed?
I'm not in a rush to know though. :D
thankss ~~
(if I need to remove or change something in my post, tell me ^^;;)
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