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Model Call: Runway Fashion Show at Innocente Seraphim!

InnoSera is currently in negotiations with a major lolita brand to bring them to the US for the convention. If/when they sign (and it does look promising!), a runway fashion show will be part of their programming, among other things. The brand will be providing the clothing and accessories for the show. If you are a Japanese size M (American size 4 to 6), are attending InnoSera, and would like to model for this event please contact Lime at Email the following info:

a) picture of yourself
b) please provide your body proportions in inches please
* height
* waist measurements
* bust measurements
* shoulder measurements

This fashion house is very specific on sizes. Please do not contact Lime if you are “almost a size 6”, can “squeeze” into a 6, or will diet to a “size 6”. (Sorry! These are the brand's rules, not ours.) We are looking for 8 models and we will have hair and make-up artists on-site for the fashion show.

The general measurements we're looking for are as follows:
Bust: 32 to 34.5 inches/83cm - 88cm
Waist: 25.2 inches/64 cm
Hips: 35.8 inches/91 cm (But the hips have a lot more freedom since it's, you know, lolita.)

We will announce the guest designer as soon as the contract is signed, so stay tuned!

PS: As a heads-up, pre-registration ends July 17th. Pre-registered attendees get access to Friday night events at the hotel. Attendees who get tickets at the door will not get access to these events.

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