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For all the Otakon Lolitas ~~~ Events List For Your Own Interest~

 Ello all you lovely ladies of EGL who are attending Otakon 2009 ~
The convention is only a short time away and with that I thought it might be cool to let everyone know about the lolita events going on during the convention and also I myself had a question. 

For Friday, July 17th ~

First of all this will be the day of the Tea Party for those who are going !

The "Lifestyles of Lolita" Panel will be at 3:30pm in Panel Room 2

I'd love to know, who is running the panel?
Since it just so happens you are the panel before mine
so it'd be great to chat about our panels.

The "Kanon Wakeshima Q&A" Panel is at 4PM in Panel Room 4

Then at 5PM, in Panel Room 2 
right after the lifestyles panel) 
will be my panel, Freedom of Fashion: The American Lolita !
You might be wondering exactly what this panel is.... well it'll be a round table discussion sort of panel
based around the topic of The American Gothic and Lolita Scene, how it differs from our japanese counterparts, and
what makes it special, basically. pony_parade and legsdiamond will also be on the panel sharing their wisdom and insight ~
There will also be prizes (all made by fellow egl members, including mintymix)  and a Q&A, so please tell all your friends!

Saturday, July 18th~

Bright and early in the morning will be the epic 
Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show,
run by our very own ugly_kitties !
Featuring designs created by fellow egl members and other famous American Lolita Designers !~
The show will be held in Panel Room 6 at 10 am
*but if your involved you should be there earlier, sorry everybody for the bad information

Also on Saturday, outside of the Convention Center, 
kisei_prophet will be holding a Swap Meet 12:30
at The Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
more information can be found here:  

At 4PM, Kanon Wakeshima's concert will take place in Main Events room,
with an Autograph Session and Merch sale following afterwards ~

It seems there aren't any events going on Sunday, if there are, please let me know so we can have them posted here ~

To further add, here are some lolita related dealers/artists/etc,
that'll be showing at Otakon at the Dealers Room/Artist Alley 
and if I'm forgetting one please let me know ~!

Dealers Room:
Cute Plush
Digital Discs 
*sells 50% of the time legit Putumayo, Sex Pot, H.naoto and other darker brands
Kinokuniya Bookstores
*carries Bibles and other lolita items occasion
Maru Music
*Selling Kanon Wakeshima Merchandise 
*lolita accessories
Lady Heather's Fashions just got back from Japan and will have some merchandise from Angelic Pretty & Baby the Stars Shine Bright for sale at the convention.

LHF will also have lolita & lolita-friendly handcrafted goods and items from companies such as Lolita Princess, Rakuen, ML Finale, Sweetheart Slips, & Fan+Friend (and possibly some others)

Artist Alley:
*lolita/aristocratic brand

Hope this is helpful, since there seems to be a lot going on that weekend !
Can't wait to see all you lovely frilly people there !

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