I AN'T GOING TO SPACE JAIL (princesspikeru) wrote in egl,

Neopets Lookups X7

I have a thing against huge lookups that take 5 minutes to load and move everything around, so they're just a simple fixed background (meaning it doesn't move when you scroll) and a matching table (a few of them have have matching table backgrounds too).
You don't have to credit me, but:
- Do not redistribute the backgrounds
- Do not redistribute my code
- You can use the backgrounds elsewhere, but tell me first
- Ask me before reusing the CSS code (but you can change it for your own use if you want)

I don't have live previews, but I'm using one on my own lookup at the moment if you want to see the whole thing.

LJ's being angry about putting the code in boxes so I've uploaded them as rich text files to awardspace.
1. Click number below the lookup you want and view/download the file.
2. Copy code into your about me on the edit profile page.
3. Stick whatever you want where it says "YOURTEXTHERE"
4. ???
5. Profit
I don't really play this game so I can't really help outside that, sorry. XD

Tested in Firefox and Safari. Everything works in Safari, but since it has a strange window size (same goes for older versions of Mac Firefox) the background may get pushed behind the table.


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