smile_raiyne (smile_raiyne) wrote in egl,

Looking for events to do at a con!

Hey egl! Ok before I ask, yes I already looked in the memories and although they helped I need ideas that are more varied and specific than a tea party .

Here goes: My cosplay group ( don't freak out yet!) is hosting a fairly new con in Orlando florida this coming November, and being the sole loli in the group they asked me to host a lolita-themed event. The issue I have is that someone else claimed "tea party rights" to do an un-birthday alice in wonderland themed event. :-/ Besides tea party I came up with a mini crafting session ( i.e. making brooches, hairclips, headresses things of that sort), a showing of a visual kei movie or shimotsuma monogatari, swap meet (considering there would be enough lolis to swap with >_<, making nosegays ( little flower bouquet with flowers according to what emotions the maker wants convey), photo session with an archway of flowers, mini skulls, whatever I can find......and thats all I can come up with for now.
Does anyone have any other ideas, should I take some activities out, or should I push the con chairman to merge the un-birthday teaparty with a loli event? I'm just a little overwhelmed, it'll be my first time hosting a event that isn't among my usual loli group in miami and I'm flying in from Chicago to host it . >_
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