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Who's Coming to Innoncente Seraphim + Question

I was just wondering if anyone on here is coming to Innocente Seraphim in August? Anyone going to be in AA? or Dealer's maybe? I'm really interested in getting a preview of what kind of Vendors will be there, since it is the first year of the convention.

and a Question: for those who have signed up for AA, what is the amount of time to be expected for someone to get back to you about tables? I have sent everything in and now I'm just waiting to pay...... I'm coming in from Vancouver, BC, and need to start budgeting for me and the friend that is coming. I've tried e-mailing them via the contact info on the site, and even left a message on the number on the site, but nothing so far :(

anyone having a similar problem? I think it's just because they're busy with preparations and all... but I'm getting rather concerned seeing how my group has been cramming for the past 3 weeks to get stuff done for this convention.


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