Helen (helenbee13) wrote in egl,

Anna House Bad Communications Resolution!

So, I posted an entry about some issues with Anna House a week or two ago.

Link to old post: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/13667919.html

I e-mailed them three or four more times (and included the line "I really don't want to open a paypal dispute" in one of them) and they finally got back to me! They were very nice. They told me to send the dress back and they would pay for the shipping and then send me a new dress.

Unfortunately I couldn't accept their offer because I'm going to be moving quite a bit, so they offered me free shipping on my next order.

So other than being really really slow in replying to e-mails, I'd say they're pretty fabulous. I just thought I would clear up the "Anna House" name that I tarnished in my previous post... XD

So! If you're having trouble with Anna House, just keep sending them e-mails and they'll get back to you!
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