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1st pic post + some questions

So I've been making this wa-lolita dress for a while now, and I recently finished it. I put it on and took a few pics since I still have a few kinks to work out and I wanted EGL's opinion on it before I go ahead. Below are some pics. Forgive me for not showing my face and the horrible quality of the pics.

With flash

Without flash

Close up of top

The obi isn't finished yet, but I know what to do with it so I didn't take a pic of my obi. Also, the red skirt is just a rectangle skirt, nothing special, so no close up's.

Now here are my questions:
1) How well do you think the overall outfit work? Is it causing your eyes to bleed? Is it too busy to look at? Just not working?
2) I happen to have enough of the same fabric that I made the obi with to make a rectangle skirt. Should I make a skirt out of it and replace the red skirt that I wore in the photos? If I should keep the red skirt, are there any ways to spice it up? I think the red skirt is too plain.
3) As you can see my legs are pretty bare in the photos. Due to the fact that the fabric I used are so busy, I'm not sure I have socks and shoes to match the outfit. But I still have some left over fabric (both fabric of the top and of the obi, and some red fabric). What can I make out of those to help my bare legs and feet issue? *Bonus if your suggestions come with tutorials.

Any help given is appreciated!

Edits! So some suggested that I untuck the obi top. I did and it actually does look a bit better, IMO. Though it probably will look best if I ditch the top and made something else to go with it lol

Also others have suggested a plainer obi. Fortunately I do have one. But the only thing is that the cord in the middle is black instead of gold. And since none of the fabric have black, it looks a bit out of place, imo. Here are some pics. (I detached my sleeves since they were in the way)

Also finished the obi bow :3

Also, I'm taking all of your comments! Though I may not individually reply to all of them, I thank each and every one of you kindly :] I also didn't expect people to praise my craftsmanship XD it's actually not as well constructed as it looks, but you can't tell cuz the fabric is so busy :P Thanks anyway though, everyone!

Clarifications: due to the fact that I'm taking mirrored images of myself, in the pictures, my "right" is actually my left.
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