Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric] (sefieslj) wrote in egl,
Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric]

Sewing Post - gimme some love!

It's only two months until our biggest anime convention for the year... and I'm totally just working on lolita stuff that's "just for fun", rather than my cosplays that were planned since last year XD

I bought this fabric the last time I went to Sydney Road. It's just so... grey tartan! What's not to love? I actually bought enough to make a JSK (since I'm still wibbling over the Infanta green tartan JSK), but then I started thinking I needed more work-friendly stuff. So, that narrowed me down to either a pencil or a box-pleated skirt.

Front view - the pleats are all over the place since it's on the floor, but my mannequin's got other stuff on it... And yay for using up the random rick-rack I found in my trims box!

Back view - I made a detachable back bow with the spare fabric.

Full view - petticoat floof!

Neck bow detail - aaaah, I've loved neck bows ever since I cosplayed Gogo Yubari. I wish they were more common in lolita!

Skirt bow detail - this is detachable too... I'm debating making a couple more with the rest of the scraps.

The most awesome thing about this skirt, though, is that if I run out of time on the stuff I'm working on, I can do a quick Persona 4 cosplay, just by hemming it up higher XD;
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