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Hello everyone!
I'm just back from Tokyo and wanted to share a few AP, Baby and Novala related pictures.

I was introduced to Kira Imai that does all the wonderful illustrations for Angelic pretty. She's really sweet and sooo shy. I received the AP calendar as a present from a common friend and she was horrified to see it and even more when I asked her to sign it. ^_^

That's her on the right.

I didn't brave wearing the kilt traditionally. Though I did consider a jockstrap. :P

We were at the 8th Blythe Anniversary show, where she had a doll exhibited.

She did the design, the sewing and customization were by different artists. They printed their own velveteen for this, so cute!

There was one by AP also that you can sortof see here, the 4th one.

Her dress was made of vinyl. Good old AP novelty haha.

I find it quite interesting that the two girls I know that work for major lolita brands are not lolitas themselves, at least not full on. The other one is Miyuki who does fabric and jewelery for Baby, she's the one on the left.

I also got to see the "Victorian Lolita" exhibition by Novala and Baby at Parabolica-bis bookstore. It was bizarre. The upper level, "Novala's room" was an installation with a lot of his personal objects, including a pair of rocking horse shoes on the floor. ^_^

Then the lower level was about 20 Baby and AatP outfits on manequins in a very sweet lolita styled room. I couldn't take any pictures. :< The most interesting part for me was a scrapbook with inspiration clippings, another with a collection of fabric designs and a Koitsukihime doll lying on a bed.

The exhibition was done in conjunction with the release of the new issue of Yaso magazine, which is very very recommended reading! Even if you can't actually read it. :P

My lace and ribbon fix. ^.^

And some little shopping from AP and the new issue of Alice Deco.

This magazine is rather lovely I think, quite different in styling from the other loli mooks.

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