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a wonderful place to go for tea...(kind of a review? mostly a heads up ^_^)

i've been meaning to put this up for a while x3
if you ever find yourself in savannah, GA, make your way to A Whimsical Teacup! (<--click for a map) it's on the corner of Abercorn and 34th, characterised by it's adorable pink awning and chalkboard announcing the day's lunch special and delicious dessert.

i worked there while i was living in savannah, and let me tell's a great place-- and the food is good! not only do they serve afternoon tea (with finger sandwiches of various kinds, and sweets and cookies and fruits) but they also have lunch foods available such as quiche, paninis, wraps, and amazing salad. (served with vidalia onion dressing <333) in the autumn and winter shelia (the owner and head cook) makes a different soup (sometimes breadbowls too) every day so there's always something warm to have along with your tea.

there's also plenty of sweets, from handmade truffles and cookies, to red velvet cake and her signature cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting. the cupcakes are definitely my personal favourite!

and of course...where would a whimsical teacup be without the tea! there's dozens of different teas (and a few coffees) that you can get by the cup or by the pot, and they even have some art teas that are served to you in a clear glass pot so you can see the tea flower bloom! and if you're not in the mood for hot tea, the sparkling raspberry lemonade or sweet peach iced tea is the way to go.

(some pics i grabbed from google)

the place itself is a little small (only five and a half tables) but it's truly a lolita's dream ^3^ everything is lacy and pink and sweet, and there are feather boas and gloves and hats and things to dress up if you don't feel quite fancy enough for your tea.

and you don't need to make a reservation unless there's more than five of you.

overall it's a wonderful, whimsical experience, with good food and decent prices, and i think a must-go spot for any loli craving sweets passing through savannah, ga. :)
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