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Meet-Up Info Reminder: Vancouver Lolitas, July 25th

Date: Saturday, July 25th @ 2:00 p.m.
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park : Meet by the fountains at one.
Event: Picnic! Bring snacks to share, blanket to sit on, fun stuff like that.
Dress: To impress! I'll be bringing a great big honkin' camera with me and I really want to get some shots of all you lovely ladies.

At around 5:00 pm or so, we'll head to Richmond via bus to ... someplace. I was thinking we could go to Gogotea Cafe, but only because I've been there a few times before, and haven't had a bad experience there. I very rarely go to Richmond, so if anyone has another suggestion for someplace else that's easy to get to, then by all means, please let me know *A*

the night market, I BELIEVE, opens at 7 or 8? I can't remember which. So we can loom around for a while, and then those of us who'd like to go over to the night market can. I know it's not an ideal place for lolita since there's a lot of crowds and wearing really expensive dresses can kind of be terrifying in that sort of situation, so only come if you want to, haha (obviously).

Personally, I'm thinking of bringing pigs in a blanket (hot dogs in little buns, kekeke) and some fresh fruits or something. Having ten different bags of cookies or candy is cool, but gets gross really fast, so we'll make a list of who's bringing what to ensure not so much sweet food is brought to the picnic.

what you bring, you must take care of
if you bring a plate to put your food on, you must either tote it around, or dispose of it properly. I'm a huge believer in no trace picnic'ing. >D that applies for trays and stuff too. Bringing things that are easily carried and/or disposed of are best.

list of attendee's♥
1. momosugarhime - pigs in a blanket (hot dog...thingies.)
2. autumnx__0 - cookies
3. vombie - vegan treats!
4. thelittlelolita -
5. (maybe) aprilalice -
6. shincaru -
7. revivalcookies -
8. myhandisitchy - veggies (?)
9. (offlivejournal)helena -
10. (offlivejournal) serena -

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