darknesswonders (darknesswonders) wrote in egl,

Why UPS sucks just as much as DHL

Lately I' ve been reading a lot of horror stories about bodyline orders gone haywire and girls getting ripped off by DHL and their hidden fees.

I just want to add my own 0.02$ to this and warn you that UPS is just as bad.
I ordered a wig from FanplusFriend (which is really lovely btw!) and their site states that:

"All orders would be shipped by guaranteed UPS Worldwide Express, TNT or EMS Express,..."

I just received a letter from UPS, nearly 2 weeks after my package has been delivered, that I must pay 142DKK.
I'm staring at it wondering what on earth I've bought lately that's been so expensive. I've been short on money so I wouldn't really have bought anything that would entitle a 142DKK fee.
But there at the top of the letter it says "WIG. WORTH: 87DKK"

Am I the only one completely baffled by these outrageous fees? I've never had this experience with EMS(<3) before
and hey, I'd understand if it were TAXES being asked for by CUSTOMS, but this is just a postal service.
WTF. Maybe you American lolis who use UPS more often can shed some light on the situation. It's just extremely upsetting.

TL;DR - UPS SUCKS. I officially have no money. FML.

Relevant because I never paid attention to the fact that FanplusFriend ships with both EMS, UPS and TNT. It would be wise to
tell them to ship your package with EMS (?no hidden fees so far) next time you shop there.

I don't think there's much information about this. Cidsa & Maetel9 mentioned it, but it seems like the general attitude is DHL=BAD, everything else= GOOD. Feel free to delete if you think otherwise, mods.

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