Xen B (xeniph_b) wrote in egl,
Xen B

I am in need of photos!

First of all, thank you all so much for contributing your wonderful comments to my article research! I'd like to include pictures of different ways people incorporate loli into their school clothes, and I find myself short on pictures of the following:

*Pictures of someone in a school uniform incorporating loli. (Wearing a petti under a skirt, using a bolero or bows, maybe even just a necklace, stockings or shoes?)
*Someone in relatively normal clothes with a few loli accessories thrown in
*Someone in a cute--but not really loli--school outfit (this last will be used to show that not all lolis feel they have to/want to wear loli to school)

If anyone could get me pictures like this, even if you have to take them for the occasion, I would be extremely thankful! Otherwise, the pictures representing those categories will end up being pictures of me...and you do NOT want that! XD

Thank you for any help you can give. (Even if you could point me to a post on another comm that might serve my purposes.)

Tags: discussion: lolita in school
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