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International Lolita Meet Tokyo '09 (Aug 4th or 5th)


Hello everyone and welcome to my third post about a meet in Tokyo for international lolitas to come together! As you can see there were the most votes for the Alice in Wonderland restaurant last time I posted, so if that's alright we will be going to eat there ^_^ If there is anyone who will be there earlier in the week and so will miss the meet let me know! We would be happy to meet up with you! My friend and I will also be hanging out in Harajuku Sunday August 2nd if you would like to find us.

Looking at the last post more people could come on the 4th or 5th of August so please comment which day would be better for you if you can make it. We need a headcount because I need to make reservations within the next week ^_^ (I also beg anyone who knows more Japanese than me to help me make reservations when we have a headcount) It is ok to bring people you have on your trip with you as well just let me know how many are coming so we can have the correct amount of seats!

Those of us who don't know our way around the city as much we should meet at a central location and then move towards the restaurant (I'm going to try to find this place the days before but I don't know how successful that endeavor will be) The website says it's a 3 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit, however we could meet outside the Shibuya station by the Hachiko statue and just take the train together as well. Recent Picture of Both of Us so you can find us.

If it's alright with everyone I would like to make the reservations for about 5:30. If you would like to meet before hand to talk or wander that would be awesome ^_^ Then we could head over to the meeting place together around 5:00 ish

Link to the restaurnat website:

Ok this is turning out to be a lot more complicated than I thought because apparently the person who makes the reservations will get a call to conferm the reservation or you have to call to confirm. I don't have a Japanese phone number nor do I speak anywhere near fluent Japanese. This presents a problem. If anyone has any ideas then let me know >_< If not I'm not sure what to do but I am open for suggestions!!!! Since there seems to be so few of us we could just find a small cafe in either shinjuku or Harajuku to eat at.

Wow that was a lot thank you for reading and posting!

People who are coming:

1. artemiscangee +1
2. xonii18

Edit: Is there a Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden store around? We've tried looking in the memories but all we found were stores that might carry some of the clothes, thanks!
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