Emma-Lsa Jane Hill (em-j, Emily bunny, Rabbitwolf) (em_jh) wrote in egl,
Emma-Lsa Jane Hill (em-j, Emily bunny, Rabbitwolf)

One for the Brits... Shopping idea?

Today my BF's wonderful dad took me shopping! Yes its sounds strange, but he's a wonderful man and let me wander around Primark for about half and hour or more looking for light summery clothes. (The UK is currently going through a heat wave!)
Well he knows what I liek and was helping me... The store we were in has some lovely light cotton skirts. They are quite full and come in a range of colours. He spotted a loverly knee length charcoal grey skirt with an embroidered scalloped hem. It was just my size and looks lovely. It is lined, but easily taken out and would look lovely with a cute cardie and a petti undernieth.
I just thought I'd let the rest of my fellow Brits (and anyone visiting the country), that Primark has some lovely skirts that could be worn (possibly with some slight adaption) for lolita outfits. Some are more casual, but are very pretty. And under £20 a skirt its not too bad either.

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