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QutieLand Research: Secret Shop possible new shoes

Secret Shop New Shoes Research

Hi Girls,

First of all, this is not a sale post. So don't leave message about placing order on this model of shoes.

We would like to to do a research about a new Secret Shop possible new shoes. Normally Secret Shop would release shoes to both Overseas and China local market. However as this coming new model may be higher price than normal due to expensive import raw materails (the "High Quality" Fabric ribbon, not cheap satin ribbon at the front and back) from JP. They have nearly firmed not going to release this shoes at local China market. Right now the questions would be the "possibility" at overseas market.

(reference photos from AP blog)

From what we know, the color available the same as AP,  Black, Blue, Pink & White! About shoes size, unfortunately only S, M and L available. And the estimate price would be around HKD$425 - $475. (USD$55-$61)
(Just for reference, postage to USA/Canada is $23)

Reference Photos
(reference photos from AP blog)

We would like to know that any girls would show up their interest on this shoes under the price listed above. If there's enough girls have interest on this shoes, we can request a certain amount of this model and available to the overseas market.

We understand the mark price is one the highest within all ranges of Secret Shop Shoes. But due to the higher raw materail price which made the selling price can't be pushed down as normal. That's the reason we would like to do this reseach on the acceptability of this price range of Secret Shop Shoes.

Please give the comments on that and let us know your feeling on that.


QutieLand - Billy

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