Michi (michi_michuu) wrote in egl,

Questions: directed to the winners of the BODYLINE design contest

Have any of the winners of the last Bodyline design contest ever been contacted or received their completed design yet?

One of my designs were chosen and I haven't received any email or package... But I understand they might be busy. The only news I have about the contest was from someone on deviantART who had some of her designs chosen and she said they were to be sent to her in 44 days (this was from her at the end of May), which is hitting this weekend, I think.

And since my design was a shoe design, does anyone here think they would email me asking what size/color? Last question: Does anyone have screencaps or saved pictures of the designs that won? 
I'd like to compare the new items that are on the Bodyline site to see if they've actually created any of the designs yet.
Thank you!
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