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Birthday Tea Party

I actually had a tea party for my birthday this year! Which debuted my newest lolita dress! This time my theme was a princess(of course!)
Click the cut for pics and more!

This post is not only for my tea party but for kind of a review for the site milanoo.com.I came across this site one day and their prices are decent and I haven't seen it mentioned on any lolita sites or communities.So I thought I'd at least try to get the word out! X3

Anyhow,here are some pics of the dress laying down

heres a close up of the bust


and just for the heck of it heres my parasol and handbag! XD

And now on to the pics with me wearing the dress!

and lastly the food at the tea party!

Ok so I didn't have the "right" food at the party but it's all food I like and after the dinner I didn't have much money to buy the tea food with.
Anywho,back to the dress.......I thought the dress was just beutiful! It's fully lined,the lace is super soft,and the martial is great.This was a great buy for a site I never heard of! And it's soo comfy to! I am just way too happy with this dress! XD
All this was done for my birthday and it was just a wonderful day!

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