Chai (citrusheart) wrote in egl,

High waisted panel skirt?

I would like to make a high waisted panel skirt, now I am not sure if this is going to work but please give me some input. I plan to make a top section that fits snugly around my waist, and then it slants out into a bottom panel that is 3 times the size of my waist I have drawn a quick sketch to explain a single panel of it, I plan to make 4 panels should I make more? . Also is the shape of the panels right? (The sketch is not to scale just a quick idea)

If I put 4 panels like this together would it end up looking something like the photo's here?

Or should the bottom part of the skirt be 3.5x, 4x my waist? What is the normal bottom size >__<; I am concerned about making it too small or too big for a lolita skirt. Also were do lolita skirts generally fall, is it 2" about the knee?

~Thanks for you time
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