dizzyredhead (dizzyredhead) wrote in egl,

World's Tiniest Pups in Cups replica and it's World's Most Frustrated Creator(jk)

So, I'm trying to surprise my sister with a replica of Baby's World's Most Loveliest Dog and World's Most Delicious Strawberry Frappe(I'm not very far yet as you can tell) for her doll.  My problem is I've run into a wall as I'm having a hard time finding pictures of the print.  I have checked the flickr stock photos pool but aside from the print samples by Baby and a few others I've been unable to find detailed pictures, particularly of the bottom and top of the print.  I know there's a phrase, probably in franglish on the dress too but have only seen a couple letters of this.

Can anyone that owns the dress help fill in the gaps for me?  It would mean so much to both me and my sister.
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