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The Juliette et Justine ordering saga (Part 1)

A few days ago, Monday to be exact, I finally set out to order my very first Lolita skirt from Juliette et Justine, following the ordering guide bypui_puni.

I paid for my item with a Mastercard which was linked to a debit account. After submitting my order, I received a confirmation email from them.

The money was deducted, the confirmation email was received, and all seemed to be going well for my very first Lolita item. It all seemed smooth sailing. However, to my gut feeling that it was too good to be true, things turned out to be otherwise.

Two days later, I received this email from them :

Dear (my name)
Thank you for your shopping at Juliette et Justine.
We have received your order for the following items.

shipping rate:1,520
payment method:credit
shipping address: (insert my address)

Your order will be sent to the foreign country by EMS.
Please note that there will be duty and customs fee for oversee purchase.
The duty and customs fee vary according to tax laws of your country.
We are sorry that we cannot answer any questions about the duty and customs fee.
If you have any questions, please call your local customhouse.

※However, there is an error in the credit card.
Please input credit card information again.

One commodity here↓

Please order, and input credit information again.

The size puts out No.2 ordered first.

Still, please ask the consumer credit industry when making an error.
It is necessary to use another card.
When you use the debit card
The transfer should get the amount of money twice the bought amount of money because of the system.
Please use another card when it is impossible.

Thank you.

〒660-0861 Juliette et Justine

Turned up they were having problems processing my debit card. The next day, I attempted to order the skirt again with extra money in the account, but once again they sent me an email saying there were some errors and the debit card "could not be authorized". Another shopkeeper, Misaka, attended to my case and kept me updated on my ordering situation and informed me within a few hours that the transaction could not be authorized.

(In hindsight, the problem should be on my side. Something about my money being "on hold" in the middle of other transactions and not being available for immediate use. Will check with my bank on this.)

By now the skirt that I wanted was listed as sold out on the website. However, Misaka (or one of the English-speaking staffs, since she didn't sign off in the subsequent emails) told me that she will reserve the last skirt for me. Finally accepting the fact that it was pointless to try using my debit card, I asked if they could accept Paypal, and was promptly informed that they are preparing a Paypal account, which would be available in a few days for use.

You could see the amount of communication they exchanged with me in a screenshot here

That was yesterday, and I received an email today during lunch time that their Paypal account is up and ready to be used.

So, I'll be ordering my first Lolita skirt. :) Fingers crossed there won't be anymore problems.

The review so far: 

Like the review that I've seen on this comm, JeJ was pretty prompt, polite and helpful in their communications. They responded to most of my emails within 2 days, and they even sent me several emails on the afternoon that I tried to re-order the skirt.

The shopkeeper mentioned that the Paypal account set-up would take "several days", but I was informed the day after that it was already ready for use.

So far, I'd give them: 5 / 5 for communication. (I wanted to give 4.5 because of the first slightly garbled email, but subsequent emails were very coherent and they really made an admirable effort in communicating with me, so 5.)


On a sidenote, there is something that is still bothering me. Their staff told me that the two previous failed orders have been voided and the money should have been returned to my account by now, but the lady at my bank stated otherwise - she said that the money would only be available for use in my account within 10 days if the merchant does not withdraw or "pass" the purchase. I think that was what she meant ... So now, I have about 500+ USD which is not exactly under my control and could be taken away if the merchant decides to be untrustworthy ? (Not that I distrust JetJ, but it's not exactly a nice feeling :\ ) could any Lolitas familiar with banking enlighten me on this ?


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