Tokyo Rebel (tokyo_rebel) wrote in egl,
Tokyo Rebel

New AP retailer - want your thoughts.

Some of you may remember us (Tokyo Rebel) from when we were "found" by another EGL member a while back. Well, since then we've been planning our NYC physical store and meeting with some brands in Japan. The one you guys probably care most about is Angelic Pretty, who have accepted us as their newest US authorized retailer for both online and offline sales. (We're also authorized retailers for SEX POT ReVeNGe and Algonquins, if any of you are weekend punks and weekday lolitas, or vice versa.) We're eventually going to stock all genres of Japanese street fashion, but AP will be our main Lolita brand and we're excited to have them on board!

Now, if you click our link above, you won't see much AP there yet. That's because we're getting ready to place our first wholesale order. It will be a small order just to get our foot in the door, and it's sort of "in between" collection seasons where we've basically just gotta pick from stuff they've already produced, so we thought we'd open it up to you guys to see what you all might want to see at our store and web site.

Now, no pressure or anything - we're not expecting everybody who comments to actually order what they suggest. This isn't a de-facto special order. This is more to give us an idea of what you're all thinking about. But assuming you have a new option in US retailing, what would you want to see that retailer carry?

We've been talking about carrying just one print line (say, Tiara Rose) and making sure we have everything you need for the full outfit. But maybe it makes more sense to pick and choose from various lines and colors. That's one thing we're trying to figure out - whether to go broad or deep. Unfortunately, we can't do both at first.

We do expect our prices to be more than competitive, whatever our strategy.

So let us know your thoughts! We're really open to all sorts of suggestions, even beyond what we're asking here. And we're happy to now really be part of this community.
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