Vysanthe (vysanthe) wrote in egl,

Musical Lolitas

In light of a certain post (and because I am avoiding work again)

Do any of you play any musical instruments/sing/compose/produce etc? It'd be interesting to see what musical talents egl has!

I play piano, but I haven't seriously played for a long time. I learned keyboard when I was young, then taught myself piano. I took lessons for about 3 months, but I got really sick of it/didn't have time because it was my senior year.

I generally play classical stuff (Beethoven's Pathetique, first movement is probably the best thing I can play) and OST stuff (Final fantasy lol). I 've played a lot of songs from musicals as well.

I like to play guitar (really badly) , but I'd love to learn drums and cello too. Also love singing (read: karaoke)

I've got terrible stage fright so I've only performed publicly a couple times, and not in Lolita :( Though I did get to play my friend's custom Steinway and get a photo in lolita (my icon! lol).

What do you play, what styles/songs can you play, what would you like to do/learn, and have you ever performed in Lolita?

Edit: If you have videos or something, that would be really cool too!


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