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Fabric good enough for dresses?

Spoonflower has just offer a new fabric for custom printing. I'm not a sewing expert, so I'm not sure if this new fabric choice they are offering is good enough to make quality dresses out of it. The full story below:

Special Fabric: Linen-Cotton Blend

Starting June 1, 2009 (and ending when we run out), we're pleased to offer a special, limited-edition 55% linen - 45% cotton fabric. When you click on one of your own designs in your Spoonflower account, you'll now see linen-cotton blend as an option along with quilting and upholstery-weight cottons. More to come!

Linen-Cotton blend. This is a special fabric that we'll only offer while our supply lasts during June. It's an antique yellow (tea-stained) 55% linen, 45% cotton blend that is around 5 ounces per yard and would be great for skirts and blouses, especially historical recreations. It has a printable width of 40 inches (1-2 inches of unprinted selvage). It is 5.6 oz per square yard and constructed with 51 x 49 threads per inch.

Swatch (8" x 8") $5.00
Fat quarter (21" x 18") $12.00
Per yard (42" x 36") $24.00

You can see in the photos below how the color differs from our base fabric, the white quilting-weight cotton. The linen blend is a tea-stained yellow, which means that any white area of your design will have the base color of the fabric, which is yellow rather than white. [cool guitar design by Danielle]

Spoonflower Linen-cotton fabric

Any advice?

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